The Student: An imitation poem

On Wednesday, my students and I read and imitated “The Poet” by Tom Wayman. The poem characterizes using negative comments, yet the mood of the piece isn’t pessimistic.  Here’s my imitation inspired by my own likes and dislikes as a high school student, and how they inform my current teaching.

“The Student”

Ignores lessons he finds irrelevant to his life

May speak rapidly when excited about a topic

Cannot sit still for 56 minutes (who can?)

Does not read books assigned to him, but this

Does not mean that he dislikes reading

Cannot stand teacher questions  that have obvious answers


Has great difficulty finding test-prep engaging

Has difficulty recalling vocabulary words that seem to exist in a vacuum

Cannot compose a story about a topic that was pre-selected for him

Cannot recognize historical figures when they are de-contextualized and mentioned on multiple choice exams


Has difficulty classifying and categorizing his many needs and responsibilities

Has difficulty retaining facts that were mentioned on a PowerPoint and then never again

May recognize what he wants for his future one day and not the next


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